Johnson’s Natural Formula produces a complete range of horse feed to suit every horse no matter what discipline.

High Digestibility

Encourages normal chewing and digestion while utilising feed.

Grain and Molasses Free

Improved digestion and utilisation of feed.

High fibre, ulcer friendly

Highly palatable and boosts the immune system

100% Natural Ingredients

Formulated using natural ingredients and no by-products





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      Johnson's Natural Formula

      Want to know more about our wonderful ambassadors? Look no further!
      #highfibre #highperformanceWe would like to introduce you all to our parents!

      Behind the Stokes Sporthorses Team is a mountain of support from Susan and Geoff Price and Marg and Barry Stokes.

      My parents Susan and Geoff Price moved over to NSW with us and also live on the property. They were non-horsey parents prior to the arrival of my first pony at the age of 5, now we could not get by without them!!

      They do so much work to make sure that we thrive outside of the stables and so we have an awesome family home environment!

      My Mum is an exceptional cook and ensures no one misses a healthy meal. She caters for all of our likes, dislikes, allergies, intolerances etc, so we are exceptionally spoilt. Mum is happy to dig in and help with the horses if we are short a person or are running late at a show. She is superhuman and we are eternally grateful for everything she does for all of us. She is everyone's surrogate mum that is for sure!!

      Dad also does his share of the cooking and plenty of property improvements and maintenance. He works very hard to always ensure that everything is in working order as well as spic and span.

      Deon’s parents, Marg and Barry Stokes, are still based on the family farm in Chapman Valley, approx 5 hours north of Perth. They don’t have a horsey background either but have been very supportive of our journey. Marg has been responsible for making and painting most of the showjumps and fill. Barry enjoys building a variety of helpful things when they come to visit.

      Deon and I are extremely lucky to have such supportive parents and we would not have anything we have today without their combined support!
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      Want to know more about our wonderful ambassadors? Look no further!
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      We can’t wait to have Marg, Susan and Geoff visit the mill. We hope they like heights as much as Barry did (pictured here on top of our silos with Deon). 😁

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      High Fibre for High Performance

      Johnson’s Natural Formula feeds are a top quality range of highly palatable, fibre based feeds for all classes of horses.

      Made in Australia from Australian grown, export quality ingredients, the feeds are well balanced, simple to use, economical and effective.

      Natural, better ingredients for naturally healthier horses.

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